Space for More than a Car

We all know that garage space is for more than just your car. Most of us have a hobby space or storage in our garages. So, whether you have a Fiat or a Rolls Royce, sometimes garages can feel a little tight. That’s why we offer garage conversions whether you’re in Park Gate, Southampton or the surrounding areas.

With a garage conversion, you not only have a little more wiggle room: you have room to breathe. We understand if you need to use your garage extension like a second storage space. But, we know just how many options you have for a garage conversion.

We’ve seen garage conversions that included home gyms, hobby spaces, home offices, guest bedrooms and more. Eco Home Extensions can easily make your garage the most attractive space in your home.

Great Benefits of Garage Conversions

If you’re considering a garage conversion with Eco Home Extensions, there are many great benefits. Read a few of the reasons to work with us here.

Additional Space

Find new uses for the additional space in your home. A garage conversion can help open up the space you need for other things.


Whether you’re looking for extra storage space or a new hobby room, we can offer you electrical installation for your convenience.

Added Value

Garage conversions can be a surprising way to add value to your home, especially if you’re looking to add a kitchen or bedroom.

Partial Conversion

Create the perfect blend of storage space and private room. With a partial conversion we can give your garage the adjustments you need.

No Planning Permission

We can easily modify your garage within the parameters of permitted development, just talk to us. That way, it’s less hassle for you.

No Council Tax

You don’t need to worry about additional council tax when you add an extension to your home. Instead, you will still pay the ‘original house tax.’

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Multi Purpose Garage Conversions

At Eco Home Extensions, we can help make your garage into a bedroom or office space. With more people working from home, office spaces are more important than ever. Garage conversions that become office spaces are remarkably useful for homeowners looking to see clients discreetly.

Or, if you’re looking for a guest bedroom, we can talk to you about how best to create a living space for you and your guests. Since garages are typically long and narrow spaces, we may need to knock down internal walls or reposition them. Talk to us about how we can add soundproofing, electrical, and more to make sure that your office is up to speed.

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Garage Conversion Electrical

If you choose to make your garage conversion into a home office or bedroom, you’re going to need electricity. We can provide electrical wiring and certificates like EIC, which will be mandatory for the property resale. That way, your new bedroom or office is up to code.

Talk to our team if you’re a landlord looking to create a room for rent in your home. We can make sure that you meet all local authority guidelines for leasing and offer an EICR. Our Park Gate team is happy to talk about your needs.

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Superb Windows & Doors

Make your garage space warm and inviting with better light. Whether you’re looking to make your garage conversion into the ultimate man cave or a separate boot room, we can talk about adding windows and doors that will lighten and brighten your new space.

Since garages are typically separated from the main living area, they have their own entrances and can be self contained for office or hobby spaces. Individual hobby spaces can help reduce the clutter throughout your home. Let us build your next creative space and room of your own.

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We try to make it possible for our customers to learn as much as possible about garage conversions before we start the project. That’s why we have our frequently asked questions section. However, if you have a question you don’t see here, don’t hesitate to give us a call or fill out our online form. Our Park Gate team will be happy to answer your queries.

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